A raining day indeed
Our present clashes
Melted away so fast
Our lands are crying
Our nations are suffering
People daily are denied
We are nothing without a dream
Darling Decide to Dream.

Nothing changes till we dream
Where on earth are you
Take one step forward
Come out from the dark
Don’t be afraid to dream
Dream allows you to fly
Darling Decide to Dream

Unlike every other things
Just like a new Dawn
Dreams are scheduled free
Everyone can dream
Darling Decide to Dream

With the morning star,
So well I see in a mirror
All you need is to Dream
The touch of a new dawn
Daily I am dreaming
Soaked I am dreaming
Destiny unveiled it’s face
Hope I bring my nation
Until you dream,
nothing will change
Darling Decide to Dream

Fly like a morning star
Just like jewels you shine
Nothing is ever impossible
My dreams are reality now
I give my first smile
Darling has Decide to Dream

Writer: Okoene Chinenye Cynthia

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