How fast you achieve success depends on you, no other than yourself.

The different between who you ARE and what you want to Be, is What YOU are doing now.
In other for us to focus and succeed we must first believe “We Can.” Moving on, Success doesn’t have a standard definition because what is success to me might not be the same thing to you.

Merriam’s Webster dictionary defines Success as the fact of getting or achieving wealth, respect, fame or the correct desired result of an attempt.

However, Let’s stop and stare at this (peoples definition of success).

Who Owns Success?

1) success is for those who thinks long-term not short-term.

2) success is for those who sells instead of tells (actions instead of words).

3) success belongs to those who wakes up every morning and pursue their dreams, regardless of their situations.

4) Success belongs to those who acts with humanity and develop other leaders.

5) Success is for those who said preparation towards tomorrow is a good work done today.

Interestingly, the above (1-5) view of Success is very inspiring and powerful though they are all saying the same thing.

Note: One of my greatest discovery (Thought) is that Success is for YOU! Success is for “EVERYONE”, If only every individuals creates a wining strategic plan for him/herself. When it comes to being successful, the most important thing is for you to find your voice in the mixed of what you are surrounded with, believing in yourself this will help you to know yourself more. It will becomes easier to live a life that is true to your core values. Nothing feels so good than the pride of knowing you made you great and successful. You must earn the you, you seek if you want to feel the pride of Victory/Success! Earn it!

Never underestimate the ability and potentials that has been invested in you. You deserve to be successful! Be radical for success and do something differently. Appreciate yourself, be cheerful, cultivate determination, believe in the unseen (faith) and this will enable you to create a strategic code of conduct.

You are your own rescue. Find your Unique self and don’t be afraid of change, don’t stand there if you don’t like what you see, change direction, change channel and change the world (the world needs your talent & contribution). Give your dreams wings and let them fly.

Furthermore, I strongly believe that Success is a holistic experience!!! Get enough sleep, find out what you need to know and do, know when to share or ask for help, don’t ever forget your root.

In conclusion always remember each day, each hour, each minutes, each seconds that You are too much of a human to mankind and nothing have the ability to stop you.

Enjoy Success and Enjoy Life. Thanks!

By Okoene Chinenye Cynthia

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