Elipidia Foundation is Complementing the United Nation (UN) SDGs of 2015, perhaps, unwittingly` (but with absolutely no regrets) we intended to alleviate poverty, hunger, diseases, injustices, homelessness and at the same time, it will improve/motivate individuals, communities and countries (Nigeria, Ghana, Burkina, South Africa) lives by promoting Health, Social, Economic well-being and Advancement of people especially the vulnerable groups worldwide (honesty, friendliness and trust among residents).

It has become our flagship project, making significant use of the time, skill and resources our charity has to offer.


However, the poverty of the poor is not their fault, but the fault of corruption, disasters, wars, multinationals, unjust prison detention, their country’s policies, illness, abuse, technical problems, government systems, high costs, trade unions, human rights violations and other unfortunate circumstances beyond their control. If we could form a better system it would be fine to have a lot more personal wealth than suggested. You won’t change the whole world system but in a small group we could form a better system independent of the mainstream one. Everyone is wealthy in its own way, If some wealthy people shared their wealth we would have more than enough finances to do what we need and help others.



  • Elipidia Foundation is basically complementing the UN SDGs of 2015
  • Promoting equality (reduce inequality or any gender related issues) and also Helping the vulnerable children.
  • Decreasing the rate of malnutrition in both children, adult, pregnant women and infants with a focus of improving on family and children’s healthcare, hygiene, bacteria control, and food preparation for a balanced and nutrition diet.
  • Contributing to peaceful, well-governed and secure societies, and stable operating environments.
  • Encouraging healthy, active populations, reducing rates of disease and mortality rate.
  • Strengthening local communities on community participation in cleaning up exercises.
  • Sharing values that support economically and socially successful societies.
  • Empowering marginalized groups



  • Workshops and event, covering both theory and practice – allowing local people to improve their own living conditions and helping achieve the objectives of the United Nation SDG No 3 ‘Health and Well Being’
  • With a focus of improving on family and children’s healthcare, hygiene, bacteria control, and food preparation for a balanced and nutrition diet.


  • By encouraging physical activity, sport improves the health of participants – particularly beneficial in the context of growing rates of chronic diseases and poor mental health. Sport is of particular interest to young people, especially in poor countries where mainstream educational opportunities may be limited (Youth participation).
  • Organizing cleaning up exercise in school, hospital, markets and communities (sanitation).
  • Education on Universal Declaration of Human Rights and creating youths awareness on how dangerous it is to travel by land to Europe (crossing the Mediterranean Sea).
  • Creating a chat room (YouTube or WhatsApp).
  • Partnerships

Elipidia Foundation Vision

To see positive transformation in the economic, social and health aspect of the unreached (less privileged) and needy in our societies.


Elipidia Foundation Mission

To create a long lasting relationship with the less privileged and needy; by creating development consultancy outlets, encourages self-empowerment and health promotion in our societies


Elipidia Foundation Motto

Togetherness is courage


Elipidia Foundation Core values

  • Love
  • Peace
  • Discipline
  • Loyalty
  • Honesty
  • Integrity

Aims and Objectives

  • Organize programmes on the control of malaria, cholera, HIV/AIDS and other diseases
  • Educate individuals, families, schools, churches and communities on health, wealth creation and personal development issues (skill developments).
  • Create a guidance and counselling platform to address issues on Human Rights, teenage pregnancies, family planning, addiction, Dental health and gender related issues.
  • Organize mission trips to prisons, orphanages and schools for the blind, deaf and dumb.
  • Render economic and social support to individuals, families and communities deprived of basic needs.